The roots of Meadow's Pride Farm go back a long way. Owners Jon and Patricia each grew up in farm families in the Allegheny-Highlands and have been involved in agricultural production their whole lives. After they were married, Jon and Patricia begin raising sheep in Patricia's hometown in Highland County. Over the years, the couple expanded the diversity of products that were grown on the family farm and also expanded the family. Emily, Sarah, and Annie were born and joined in the operation, learning the merits of the simple life along the way. Meadow's Pride Farm was established in 2015 when the family believed they were finally ready to offer fresh, local products to a larger audience. Our farm believes in complete honesty and openness when it comes to marketing our products. Currently we offer whole lamb, vegetables, herbs, and honey which are all produced in the pastures and gardens on our land.


Our lambs spend their whole lives grazing the mountain pastures around our home in Highland County. This county has the highest average elevation in Virginia and the cooler temperatures promote a diverse mix of cool season forages not found in many other places. Our forage is the basis for our entire operation and the high quality grasses contribute to developing full flavored lamb. We understand that some consumers are sensitive to issues surrounding GMOs and therefore we provide a GMO free ration during finishing. Supplemental grain enhances the flavor of our lamb and provides a more ideal finish for preparation and cooking. We are committed to reliable delivery of a consistent, wholesome product to our customers.

Other Products

In addition to lamb, we also produce vegetables, berries, herbs, and honey. Tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, basil and flat leaf parsley can be found in the high tunnel. The gardens behind the house host blueberries, raspberries, asparagus, garlic, and onions. Bee hives are dotted around the farm and our family milk cow Ginger grazes the pastures alongside the sheep. We enjoy playing a role in providing food for our local community. As with our lamb, we strive for consistency and maintain complete honesty about all of the products produced on our farm.

Quality Standards

With our daughters interested in taking part in the operation one day, we strongly believe in maintaining the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of Meadow's Pride Farm. Everything we produce on the farm is consumed by our own family. We believe what goes into our food has to be as wholesome as what we expect to get out. Our lamb is not treated with hormones or antibiotics and we have the highest standards for humane care and handling. Only our best lambs are processed and sold as a Meadow's Pride product and they are always delivered fresh. We support a local processing facility which is USDA inspected and Animal Welfare Approved. Current or potential customers are welcome to contact us and visit the farm at any time. We are farmers, not distributors or brokers, and it is our goal to build lasting relationships with our customers and in our community.